Evolution of E-Commerce

The evolution of E-Commerce is inseparable from the progress of Information Technology. Without digital communication media, electronic commerce is impossible to realize. Technological developments Data communications and computer networks, supported by advances in telecommunications technology (including satellite communications), enable fast and reliable electronic data exchange and processing of information / data.

An example is the development of the Internet network, which now reaches almost all countries in the world. The growth of the Internet network is reflected in the number of network users who have increased exponentially from year to year. In 1995, the number of users was still below the 1 million mark. Within 4 years (at the beginning of 1999) the number of customers was around 5 million. And it is estimated that in 2002, the number of Internet users will reach more than 30 million customers. The trigger for the growth of Internet users is the expansion of network coverage, the increase in types of services and the increase in the number of WEB sites (WEB sites) that provide various types of services. One example of this type of service is the trading of books through the Internet initiated by & nbsp; Amazon.com (site //www.amazon.com/)

The beginning of digital commerce or E-commerce was marked by the establishment of a number of “electronic companies” (E-companies). An electronic company does not need a storefront to display its merchandise, but simply displays the image and specifications of its products / merchandise online through a computer screen connected to the Internet. The buyer can choose the item to buy and store it in the “virtual shopping basket”, then pay electronically by authorizing credit card payments. To ensure the security of transactions, a number of authentication procedures can be carried out by the buyer, in order to avoid forgetting the identity of the buyer by an unauthorized person. Furthermore, the goods purchased will be sent to the address of the buyer with the help of freight forwarders or by post.

One of the “electronic companies” that pioneered E-Commerce is Amazon.com which was founded in 1994, by its founders: & nbsp; Jeff Bezos, a Computer Science graduate. Within five years, Amazon.com has grown rapidly and expanded its business field by acquiring several rival E-companies, including: Drugstore.com, HomeGrocer.com, Gear.com. The number of Amazon.com customers is estimated to have reached 12 million E-shopper, with the number of goods sold around 19 million items. Amazon.com’s sales turnover this year is US $ 1.4 billion. Another electronics company engaged in the field of trafficking is AOL (America Online), which also recently merged with Time Warner company.

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