Genuine Leather Jacket of Garut West Java

The Center for Genuine Leather Jackets Shop Garut– Did you know that Garut, besides being well-known as a producer of dodol, is also known as a center for leather crafts? One of them is the leather jacket center. In a city located in West Java, it will be easy to find shops selling genuine leather jackets along the way. You can choose a variety of models and designs that are of interest. In addition, you can also choose a variety of other leather crafts such as hats, bags, etc. In addition to buying a jacket that has been made, when walking in Garut you can also see first hand the procedures for making crafts from the skin.

About the price, selling genuine arrowroot leather jackets offers a variety of choices. Everything depends on the model, design, and type of skin used. The skin used alone can come from cow and sheep skin. Jackets made of cowhide tend to have hard character. This is different from the use of sheep skin in its manufacture. Leather jackets from sheep skin tend to be flexible. Making this jacket is also supported because of the availability of abundant raw materials, because in Garut district, there is a leather industry center. This greatly supports the development of craft leather jackets in the city. The location of Garut which is adjacent to the city of Bandung is also profitable. Besides being known as the city of Mojang Priyangan, Bandung is also known as the center of clothing trade.

In addition to the city, Garut is also located adjacent to Jakarta which is the center of trade in the country and can be called a fashion center as well. Both of these enable business people to seriously increase the production of leather jackets. Shops that sell Garut leather jackets themselves are not only in their hometown but have spread in several regions. You can get it easily in the city where you live. Today, Garut jackets are starting to be known by many people. This waterproof leather jacket and absorbs sweat is not only liked by men, but also women. In addition, this type of thick clothing will also add style or make people more fashionable.

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