Homecoming 2019, Minister of Trans …

TEMPO.COJakarta – During the Lebaran 2019 homecoming season, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi estimated that the land route would be excellent. The issue will also change from the beginning of struggling in congestion, now shifting into a safety issue.

“Sebelumnya memikirkan bagaimana kemacetan tidak terjadi, tapi sekarang isu keselamatan,” ujar Budi Karya dalam rapat, pada Senin, 22 April 2019. Hal tersebut disampaikan dalam rapat koordinasi persiapan mudik Lebaran 2019 bersama sejumlah stakeholders pada pagi hari ini.

“Previously I thought about how congestion did not occur, but now the issue of safety,” Budi Karya said at the meeting, on Monday, April 22, 2019. This was conveyed in a coordination meeting on the preparation of homecoming Eid 2019 with a number of stakeholders this morning.

Furthermore, Budi Karya said that it needed special supervision in the Trans Java toll road and other land routes by the police and the Ministry to reduce the number of accidents. The prone point of accidents in Java which is of concern to the Ministry is the Cikampek-Semarang Toll Road.

Meanwhile, the predicted point will be prone to traffic jams are the Merak toll road gate, Jakarta-Cikampek, Cigombong. Then, the toll gate of Kalikangkung, Colomadu, and Ngawi. Budi Karya also asked the Director General of Land Transportation to immediately hold a ramp check for bus transportation. “Especially for bus owners who have large amounts,” he said.

Budi Karya also asked bus operators to maximize the number of their fleets to operate during the homecoming. Because, passenger capacity by land is expected to rise. “Buses can be used more.”

The Ministry of Transportation’s Research and Development Agency estimates that, based on the survey results, the number of homecoming movements in 2019 reached 18.3 million people. This movement took place for 5 days before the E-Day of Eid. As for the population of households that carry out homecoming totaling 4.5 million.
The majority of travelers from Jabodetabek are Central Java. As for 28 percent (4.3 million) travelers will use private cars, 16.1 percent (2.3 million) travelers using economic buses, and 13.9 percent (2.06 million) people going home using executive buses.

via : Sumber