The Real E-commerce Purpose Didn’t You Know

What is on your mind when you hear the word e-commerce? Most things that come to mind might be buying and selling online or online shops that use social media like Facebook or Instagram. But actually e-commerce is very different if it is used in the corporate / corporate context.

Currently e-commerce is one of the challenges for companies that want to continue to grow. Unlike the retail store version of the online shop, which only focuses on product catalogs and transactions. One of the applications of e-commerce for companies is stock integration – every online sale must be balanced with actual adjustments in the number of stocks. Another e-commerce application is the payment gateway. So that in each transaction, customers do not need to worry about confidential data leakage. Chatbox also comes as an important tool when today’s customers want an instant response when they face problems in transactions or just asking for product specifications. There are still many other aspects such as API, CRM, 3D design for products / services, etc.